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Welcome to the world of Baroness Bolsover

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Who is Baroness Bolsover?

The question I hear everyone asking, so, let me begin by clarifying who WAS Baroness Bolsover. The title of Baroness Bolsover was created for Augusta Cavendish-Bentinck in 1880 when her stepson William Cavendish-Bentinck became the 6th Duke of Portland.

Along with the grand title of Duke, William inherited vast estates including Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire and Welbeck Abbey in Nottinghamshire, making him the wealthiest young bachelor in the country. The family moved up from London to live at Welbeck Abbey in 1879. Their estate at Bolsover Castle, only a 20-minute carriage ride away, is where the family would enjoy much leisure time and is where Augusta’s title of Baroness Bolsover originates.

I stumbled across this information when searching for a name that would suit a Victorian character I was looking to create. You can imagine my excitement upon discovering there had once been a Victorian Baroness in the town of Bolsover where I now live. Despite my interest in local history I’m ashamed to say, I’d never heard of her. However, it appears neither has most of Bolsover, even those at Bolsover Castle! And here she was, literally on my doorstep!

The Cavendish Chapel & Crypt

The local Parish Church houses the 17th century Cavendish Chapel & Crypt, built for his family by the Duke of Newcastle (also called William Cavendish, just to confuse matters), owner of Bolsover Castle at that time. I was interested to find out any connections between this 17th century William Cavendish and Baroness Bolsover’s 19th century Cavendish family. It turns out, not only was her late husband, Lt Gen. Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck, a direct descendant of William Cavendish, but, also of Bess of Hardwick, THE Bess of Hardwick Hall, just down the road from me! William Cavendish was Bess’s grandson. All these links to the great Cavendish Dynasty, right here in Bolsover. I later found out that even Baroness Bolsover’s grandmother was a Cavendish (Lady Anne Browne).

Afternoon Tea with a Difference

Having discovered a Baroness that no one seems to know much about, yet with a fascinating family history, I’m thrilled to introduce Baroness Bolsover to the twenty first century.

And what better way to do this than in one of Britain’s best loved traditions, the Afternoon Tea ceremony. Therefore, using lots of theatrical license, I’ve created a totally unique 'Living History' Experience with the Baroness, especially for Hotels and Afternoon Tea Venues. Her Ladyship simply adores entertaining and in her captivating Afternoon Tea Talk, the Baroness will ensure that guests know everything they need to know about Victorian Afternoon Tea Etiquette before diving into their tea and cakes. Be warned, dunking is NOT allowed!

Milk or Tea First?

Then of course there’s the great British debate, tea or milk first? Be sure, the Baroness will want to know everyone’s opinion on the matter. But who will prove right? All will be revealed and who knows, one or two may be invited to join the Baroness and asked to share their tea drinking habits with everyone!

And, when guests are tucking into their Afternoon or Cream Teas, the Baroness will return to make sure everyone is using impeccable manners, she’d be most upset to see standards dropping. This provides the perfect opportunity to find out more about Baroness Bolsover and her Aristocratic family, and there’s no need to be shy for she loves a good chinwag. And do let her know if there’s a special celebration amongst the party as she simply delights in announcing good news!

Make your Afternoon Tea Extra Special

Baroness Bolsover is the perfect addition to any Hotel, Tearoom, Heritage Venue, Café or Special Event serving Afternoon or Cream Teas.

To arrange for the Baroness to entertain your guests or simply find out a little bit more about her visit Baroness

Baroness Bolsover – 'Teatime with a Difference'

Created by Linda Jane Holmes


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