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Things To Do In Bolsover | Baroness Bolsover

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If you've never visited Bolsover, you're in for a REAL TREAT!

Town Tours with Afternoon Tea

Join the splendid Victorian Baroness for a truly memorable journey through the medieval streets of Bolsover. Discover her Ladyship’s role in the great Cavendish Dynasty, Royal connections, and the truth about her beloved Bolsover Castle! A unique, immersive experience followed by a truly delightful Afternoon Tea.

Private Group Tours operate throughout the summer months.

Back Hills Walk & The BIG Debate!

Stroll along the Back Hills of Bolsover and discover a series of little buildings which have been the centre of debate for centuries. William Cavendish, owner of Bolsover Castle in the early 16th century, had four of these buildings built around 1620. But what exactly are they? With interpretation boards and picnic seating along the way, take a leisurely stroll through this ancient walkway, with stunning views across the valley, and decide for yourself!

The Back Hills can be found 50 yards down the road from the top of Castle Lane, on the left hand side. Please be aware there are places with steep steps.

The Cavendish Chapel and Crypt

This impressive monument found in Bolsover Parish Church, was created by William Cavendish around 1620 to house tombs for his father, Charles Cavendish, and his mother Lady Katherine. Charles Cavendish was the youngest son of Bess of Hardwick, and it was he who began to build Bolsover Castle, his son William completed it. Charles also owned Welbeck Abbey, around 10 miles away, which, along with the castle, forms part of the huge Welbeck Estate. A very wealthy family indeed!

Over the years, the Crypt came to include 14 members of the Cavendish family, including Baroness Bolsover and her husband Lt Gen Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck. The Cavendish Chapel features in Baroness Bolsover’s Town Tour when the church is open to visitors.

Old Bolsover Yard

Once a butcher’s yard, now transformed into a beautiful Craft Courtyard with a fabulous selection of local crafts, real ales, upcycled products and seating area.

Meet up with friends and enjoy a browse around the yard before joining the Baroness for a Victorian encounter of the most agreeable kind! Her Town Tour sets out and returns to Old Bolsover Yard where you can then enjoy a delicious Afternoon Tea at The Castle Tea Rooms.

Bolsover Castle

Started by Sir Charles Cavendish (1553-1617) in the early 16th century and completed by his son William around 1618, this splendid castle, set high on the hill, is well worth a visit.

Famous for his lavish parties, including one of immense expense for King Charles l and Queen Henrietta Maria, William’s castle came to be known as his 'Pleasure Palace’. Take a look at the ceilings in the Elysium Closet and you'll get my meaning!

Our dear Baroness Bolsover’s family was part of this great Cavendish Dynasty and inherited Bolsover Castle in 1879.

Why not have the best of both worlds and combine your visit to the Castle with Baroness Bolsover’s Town Tour & Afternoon Tea? There’s a whole lot of history just waiting to be discovered…


And whilst we're on the subject of Afternoon Teas... DON'T MISS

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